Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hiatus, Suspension, Respite, Reprieve, Abatement

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
- John Lennon

This is it -- the last post for quite a while, if not forever.

You may not even be reading my weblog anymore (this one, or the other one) as my frequency of posts have dropped from daily to rarely. My apoligies to anyone who cares.

In true journalistic fashion, I shall answer all the questions you may have about my departure.

Who? Julie M. Young, former blogger extraordinaire.

What? Work in Progress and whatever this you're reading is called.

When? Effective immediately.

Where? The "Internet." (Not just any internet, mind you, but the Internet that houses the World Wide Web.)

Why? The author can't even remember what her blog is named. Said author has also realized that her blogging community has slowly fallen away, and that she no longer takes joy in blogging, or even has much to write about anymore. Sadly, this means that no one will hear the story about the naked fat lady at the Y who stuffed paper towels into her folds, severely disturbing the author. However, it's much funnier told in person, or related via gmail to select parties named Donna.

How? The author will cease posting for the first time since...

All this came to be because I realized I hadn't posted in forever, and rarely even thought about it. Sure, I read other blogs (sadly, in spurts every few weeks), but I no longer even keep my news aggregator. In conversation with Donna, she told me she was quitting and looking to live in reality for a time. I agreed that life would probably be more interesting if we all just lived it, and didn't look for links to support it.

So, at risk of prolonging this, I bid all of you (or whomever's left) a fair adieu.