Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Est-ce que le brouillard se dissipera?

Every morning when I get in my car, I'm surrounded by a dense fog. Why? I'm not sure, except that it may be the rivers.

I'm not keen on rivers. But I think they might keep me from needing a humidifier this winter.

That's all on that. I'm enjoying these new TV shows. Of course, I still enjoy the Apprentice, and now also enjoy Lost. And Desperate Housewives is kind of fun too. Who knew that the doctor on Lost was Charlie from Party of Five? Was Charlie his name? Am I too lazy to Google it? Yes. Anyway, it is indeed Matthew Fox. I watched the credits today. Mmm hmm. You bet.

I'm also very tired. I've started to go to the gym after work, and work has been getting later and later, ergo, gym is later and later, so is dinner...and there you go. No time left for merriment. In bed by 10:30. That's sad. But, that's apparently what grown-ups do. They go to bed early, as they have to work in the morning.

So that's that. I'll get used to it.

I've also ordered Dillard's Tinker Creek and my Poets Market from Sort of exciting. Free shipping and low prices. I like to get packages. Especially non-webcams. Comcast keeps sending me them, and I don't know why. I get one a week. Ditto for election cards. Oh well. Hmm. Yeah. Tired.