Monday, September 13, 2004

Drat my VCR!


So, two of my favorite shows are scheduled for the same night with overlapping times. Ergo, I had to tape one. This week, I thought I'd tape Two and a Half Men, as it's the repeat and it's only a half-hour. Sure, fine. Great. So, I set the timer and everything was good to go.

Meanwhile, I was watching Las Vegas, as it was the season premiere and it was Danny's big return from Iraq (two words why you should love Las Vegas -- Josh Duhamel). Anyway, the little standby message came on when it was time for my other show, so I thought it was taping. Except the red light wasn't on. Apparently, it only wants to tape when my TV is off, as I only have 30 seconds worth of CBS, which was when I turned my TV off randomly at 10:00 (reflexive habit).

I've had this TV for nearly 3 years now....maybe it's time to break out the manual. Hmm. Things to ponder.

Oh, and Haloscan comments are on their way. I'm just lazy at the moment.