Friday, September 24, 2004

News, news and news!

TV problem solved: I have a combination TV/VCR, and it is not a two-tuner. Therefore, no watching one thing and taping another for me. As a solution, I watch my Two Men show and my Mom tapes Las Vegas for me.

New problem errupted: I think I'm just going to have to rent Sex and the City, as I haven't seen them all and seem to have missed the TBS versions this week.

Disappointment reigns: Call me a snob, but the Whole Foods in East Liberty is horrible! It's puny! I was familiar with the very large Whole Foods in Silver Spring (formerly Fresh Fields). The E. Liberty Whole Foods was the size of M.O.M., and more cramped than my aunt's co-op. The nice Whole Foods had a large deli area where you could buy premade sandwiches or have them make it for you. There was a cafe area with booths. The aisles were huge -- it was about the size of my Shop n Save, but smaller than the huge Giant Eagles of Monroeville and Irwin. Anyway, the cheese section alone was huge. E. Liberty? Just puny, and too crowded with people buying stupid things -- the non-organic things. Yeah lady, buy those $.59/lb. Dole bananas. You can't get those anywhere else. However, I was still able to get goodly priced couscous and organic chicken broth, plus some living basil, which, although it claims to be hydroponic, does not like my Brita water. Perhaps I will buy some soil.

Magnets rock: I've finally gotten one of those yellow ribbon car magnets. I'm not sure why I wanted it, but seeing other people's cars made me vaguely patriotic.

Other weirdness: I've been looking at the Poets Market. The best price is on I think it might be handy if I actually write poems more frequently. I did write a lovely one for a buddy of mine in law school though, edited by none other than Ms. Hibbs. It's titled "Judicial Review," and will not appear on my weblog, as I'd like to not self-publish at this time.

Call for authors: I'd like people to start telling me what books to read. I'm at a loss. Whatever you do, don't get lured into buy any of those "Shopaholic" books. They are bad, bad, bad. And, as much as people may scorn me for it, I am rereading Annie Dillard's An American Childhood. It gives me a yen to move to Point Breeze and live on Richland Lane. Point Breeze is nice, as long as you don't venture too far into "un-gentrified" areas. Also, you may recall, it was the neighborhood once prowled by Mr. Bigglesworth.

Yup, that's it.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Drat my VCR!


So, two of my favorite shows are scheduled for the same night with overlapping times. Ergo, I had to tape one. This week, I thought I'd tape Two and a Half Men, as it's the repeat and it's only a half-hour. Sure, fine. Great. So, I set the timer and everything was good to go.

Meanwhile, I was watching Las Vegas, as it was the season premiere and it was Danny's big return from Iraq (two words why you should love Las Vegas -- Josh Duhamel). Anyway, the little standby message came on when it was time for my other show, so I thought it was taping. Except the red light wasn't on. Apparently, it only wants to tape when my TV is off, as I only have 30 seconds worth of CBS, which was when I turned my TV off randomly at 10:00 (reflexive habit).

I've had this TV for nearly 3 years now....maybe it's time to break out the manual. Hmm. Things to ponder.

Oh, and Haloscan comments are on their way. I'm just lazy at the moment.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Don't Press the Button!

So I was feeling spunky tonight, and a tid bit adventurous, so I clicked on the "next blog" button.


I got a dirty picture. Some Spanish "guy" (attributing maleness because, but it could've been a girl-liking lady...also atributing Spanish, as it was all in get the picture). Anyway, the picture was of a blonde model-type, legs spread, with a photographically enhanced....

EEWWW! So watch out when you hit that button. In fact, if you're under 18, it could be downright illegal. If you're any age, it's bound to be disturbing.

And in Spanish.